Comic: Summer Project Recap

December 27, 2007


Our hearts go out to all of those who have been afflicted with Pixelation Syndrome.


Comic: The True Meaning of Summer

December 27, 2007


Inspired by the conversations I was having with people towards the end of the year. They had lots of plans, I had none :)

Comic: Engineering Systems

December 27, 2007


Inspired by similar emails I occasionally get regarding FAQs.

Comic: Valentine

December 27, 2007


For the record, she liked it :)

Comic: Diet and Exercise

December 26, 2007


They closed the old commons the same week as the UCR Wellness Expo (theme of diet and exercise). The timing could not have worked out more perfectly.

Comic: Trick-or-Treat

December 26, 2007


I meant to print this one in 2006, but missed the deadline by 3 hours…grr…

Comic: Monopolies

December 26, 2007


Inspired by a professor (an econ one no less!) who had a “special” version of the book we needed to buy.