SuperSeniors was created for two very important reasons:

  1. I was getting extremely bored in my Math 10B class at UC Riverside.
  2. The comics section in the school paper needed improvement.

Those two factors, plus the occasionally humorous idea I would get, led to the doodles all over my notes, and eventually, to the comic you see here today.

SuperSeniors was published in the UCR Highlander (the university newspaper) once a week, nearly every week, from May 2005 to December 2007, winning the Best Graphic of the Year two years in a row.  Every SuperSeniors was created from scratch or copied from a previous comic using Microsoft Paint.  Why Paint?  Well, first of all I have next to no artistic skills.  Second, I realized from the get-go that I would be able to copy-paste characters at will if I used a computer-based editing program (which, as you can tell, I have used liberally).  And finally, because I’ve always been a fan of simplicity in everything I do, and Paint is about as simple as it gets.

Most of my ideas are original, but those that I have borrowed from other people are given due credit. Even though I’ve graduated UCR, I’m still going to publish my comics in the Highlander. Never hurts to keep a good thing going :)

As for me, I finished my B.S. in Computer Engineering at UCR in December 2007, and soon after got a job at Intel working in their Circuit Marginality Validation Team (essentially making sure the new processors do all the things the designers say they should) in Folsom, CA.

I’d first like to thank my girlfriend Shashwati for all of the support, proofreading, and idea-bouncing that she’s provided my for my comics :)

I’d also like to thank my family, Martin, Jeremy, Minh, all of the guys in the Solarium, and all of my fans and readers out there who make this whole thing possible.

– David Keith



One Response to About

  1. AJ says:

    Hey David. I’ve always loved your comics. This is a great way for me to keep up now that I don’t get the Highlander anymore.

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